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Tony Cox’s Top Ten Writing Tips


So we’re at the end of the first A Play, A Pie and A Pint week. Love With a Capital L has gone down really well.

This week, to celebrate the new writing of A Play, A Pie and A Pint, we’ve shared writer Tony Cox’s top ten tips for would-be writers:

(1) Be arrogant - a balanced view of your talents leads only to the hiss of dead ambition.

(2) The actual doing matters more than the outcome.

(3) Don’t enter other peoples’s lives - let them enter yours.

(4) If you haven’t got an intelligent idea, writing a stupid one down is not going to help.

(5) The audience is fickle - grab them by the throat and never let go.

(6) Hide your plot points.

(7) Give yourself a generous cushion of time between writing your ‘final’ draft and and reading it - your final draft won’t be your last.

(8) Earn the emotional right to an ending.

(9) The only review you will want to hear begins ‘Arise, O Sun King!’. Since you will never get one of these, don’t read reviews.

(10) Never give up

Next week, we’ve A Perfect Stroke by Johnny McKnight from Tuesday 8 - Saturday 12 April.

The board is up, the pies are on. It’s A Play, A Pie and A Pint.  #PPPTrav #Traverse #TonyCox #theatre #edinburgh

The board is up, the pies are on. It’s A Play, A Pie and A Pint. #PPPTrav #Traverse #TonyCox #theatre #edinburgh

Fringe sell-out Captain Amazing is back in Edinburgh. You can see the trailer here. Throw on your cape and come along for this brilliant one-man show!

At the Traverse Theatre, Thursday 3 - Saturday 5 April

Emotive & brilliantly acted piece of Verbatim theatre by @utterjoe @traversetheatre tonight, any1 whose been affected by #bloodytrams GO tmrw!

 - Peter Holmes @BeSeatedLeith 

@traversetheatre’s #BloodyTrams a great verbatim piece, succinct & unique, well worth £6, how many tram tickets could that buy? Go see!

- Allan Ramsay @allanjramsay 

Great piece of work [as theatre and much more….] Here’s to more success [and more performances!] #BloodyTrams

- Richard Kerley @RichardKerley 

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