Just a few of our production shots for Choir, coming to the Traverse Theatre, 26-27 September, 7.30pm. Follow Francis on a poignant journey as he joins his local choir and finds love amidst the loneliness of modern life.

The Yes/No Plays: Phone a friend

Cameron Calls on English People to Telephone Scots and offer Love


No sits by phone

Yes: Any calls?
No: One.
Yes: Yes?
No: Do we want to buy a smoke alarm.

Yes: Early days
No: Early days


Phone rings

No: (excited) Hello! – Oh. (to Yes) It’s Eddi Reader. She’s asking if you want to come to the pub.

Hands phone
Clock ticks


Phone rings
No jumps

No: Hello.
Voice: Why hoy!
No: ?
Voice: Oi em an English powrson frim Newcassel an oi love yew Sco’land!
No: ?


On Phone

Voice: Ploise vewt neow in yaar rafarendim.

No: Is that you, Yes?
Yes: Neow

No opens kitchen door

Yes: Sorry
No: (Sigh)


By stove

Yes: You just seemed so sad.
No: They will call.
Yes: What if they…
No: David Cameron said!

No cradles phone
Clock ticks


By the stove
Yes enters

No asleep, curled around phone.
Flames flicker

Yes pulls Jessica Ennis duvet over No

Yes: Bless

Clock ticks

The Yes/No Plays will be performed twice at the Traverse Theatre on Thursday 18 September, at 1pm and 9.30pm. 

This piece first appeared in February 2014 on the Twitter account, @YesNoPlays. Read more here

Check out the audio trailer for How to Choose? a studio theatre show touring in the run-up to the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. 

Written and performed by Gary McNair and Davey Anderson. Soundbites from Dr John Robertson | Eleanor Yule | Marie- Helene Grosbras | Ben Colburn | Mihael Brady | Robin McApline | Dr Marios Philiastides | Dave Hook of Solar Eye | Ruth Wishart

How to Choose? is at the Traverse Theatre, Tuesday 16 Sept at 2.30pm. The performance will be followed by a post-show discussion.

Just a few of our production shots for How To Choose?, coming to the Traverse stage on 16 September, 2.30pm. Join our resident ‘radio presenters’ Gary McNair and Davey Anderson as they dig into the question of how we make those big life decisions.

Image credit: Jassy Earl Photography

Featuring an interview with Gabriel Quigley, currently starring in Traverse Theatre Company’s SpoilingSteve Bloomfield on The Foreign Desk at Monocle 24 discusses Scotland’s foreign policy might look like if the nation becomes independent. The panel also features Hugo Rifkind from The Times and Jane Kinninmont of Chatham House. 

Spoiling is at Theatre Royal Stratford East until Friday 13 September and at the Traverse Theatre, 16-20 September.

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