The performers for The Yes/No Plays at 1pm and 9.30pm, Thursday 18 September. 

(L-R) Louise Ludgate, Richard Clements, Callum Cuthbertson. Frances Thorburn, Rachel Newton, Keith Macpherson. 

Here it is, our latest TravCast with David Greig all about The Yes/No Plays

The Yes/ No Plays: Massage

  • *
  • In the Yes Yurt
  • Steven Noon massages Yes
  • SN: What’s wrong? Your chakras are as tight as Joanne Lamont’s mouth-face at FMQ’s.
  • Yes winces
  • *
  • Yes: I’m fine.
  • SN: You don’t seem fine. You’ve been quiet all week.
  • Tea lights flicker
  • A teardrop rolls down Yes’s cheek
  • Yes: I’m fine
  • *
  • SN: Your haikus are lucklustre, your spoon’s carved in the shape of a sigh and your bodhran playing’s frankly all over the place. What’s up?
  • *
  • Yes: I’ve done a bad thing.
  • SN: Nothing is bad in the Yes Yurt. Everything is good.
  • Yes: I kissed a tory.
  • Ringing bowl falls silent
  • SN: Mm
  • *
  • Yes: I kissed a Tory and I liked it. Down in the pine woods, we lay together on dewy grass and discussed Barnett Consequentials.. ’til dawn.
  • *
  • Yes: His voice…his eyes…his tweed longjohns. We drank Shiraz from the bottle and he offered me ‘full fiscal autonomy’
  • SN: Mm.
  • Incense burns
  • *
  • Yes: My vote felt so… soft.
  • Steven Noon holds Yes’s hand
  • SN: Did you fall?
  • Tea lights flicker
  • Incense smoke spirals
  • Yes: No.
  • *
  • Yes: As the Tory unbuttoned my Yes-Duffel I lay back and saw Jimmy Reid’s face in the moon.
  • SN: He does that.
  • Yes: And I came to my senses.
  • *
  • SN: This is a lesson. Tories can be charming. Their insouciance, their loneliness -
  • Yes: Their impecabble tailoring.
  • SN: They cut a dash.
  • *
  • SN: But if we’re ever tempted by Tories again, we just look up at Jimmy Reid’s face-in-the-moon and everything will be right.
  • Yes: (sigh)
  • *
  • Incense burns
  • Ringing bowls hum
  • Steven Noon massages Yes
  • SN: Nothing is bad. Everything is good.
  • Yes closes eyes
  • Teardrop dries
  • Sighs
  • *
I like to stay dumb, as a writer, especially in the early stages of creating a story. I’ll trip myself up if I try to control things or pretend that I know more than I really do.

Author Victor Lodato discusses his work. His story, “Jack, July,” appears in this week’s issue.

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